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Goguette Bread

French custard ice cream

The little pleasures in life!

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Organic . 100% Levain . Hand-shaped . Long-fermented

Freshly stoned-milled organic flour
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Purified Water
Gray French sea salt
Long fermentation & panification + 100% levain = lower gluten content

Our handcrafted breads are made in small batches with a long fermentation of over 16 hours. Letting nature and chemistry do their magic, this process allows the development of rich deep flavors and aromas in addition to lowering the gluten content, making these breads more digestible and gut friendly.  

The most elemental of foods, choosing the right ingredients is key to a world of taste and texture in breads. At Goguette, we respect the ancient art of bread making by using a 100% levain in all of our breads, challah & brioche! Freshly stone-milled organic flours, gray sea salt rich in flavors and minerals, water with the perfect balance of temperature and purity (free of chlorine and unwanted minerals) crafts breads and brioches that have an amazing "longueur en bouche".

In addition, the long fermentation process also allows the natural acids present in levain to work in harmony with the ingredients, creating especially unique breads, enhancing the taste of the food/wine they accompany as well as their long preservation quality.

Flavors & Aromas

‘Live’ bread is a product of terroir; one that responds to nature. The wheat/flour changes season-to-season, crop-to-crop and batch-to-batch. We do not use preservative agents, sugars, coloring or flavor enhancers to create breads that have the same look and taste day-to-day.


Since 70% of the aromas of the dough are in the crust, we like to bake our breads to what we consider a “perfect crust” so as to enhance the taste and aromas.



The Ancient Starter

Levain, a natural starter & living organism, has been used by bakers since centuries all over the world. Touted to have multiple benefits, levain-based breads also enjoy a highly sought after unique visual, olfactory, gustatory and touch properties. Our levain is over 20 years old, having traveled from the French Alps to the U.S. over a decade ago, taking the aromas and the properties unique to the Sonoma County wine country.

Levain helps breakdown gluten...The presence and power of lactobacilli in levain-based breads helps destroy gliadin (a protein breakdown of gluten), making breads made with levain more “digestible” and less “upsetting” to the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the lactic acid present in levain, removes phytic acid. Phytic acid reduces the ability of the gastrointestinal tract to absorb certain minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron, rendering them insoluble thus making levain-based breads a healthier option.  In addition, levain-based breads have shown to lower the glycemic index. Lower glycemic foods tend to slow the release of sugar in the bloodstream, ideal for those watching their weight, blood sugars and overall health.

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