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Our Family


Nas Salamati, electrical engineer, trained artisanal Boulanger, "renaissance man" is passionate to work with 100% levain, long fermented breads & sweets of yesteryears in France. Goguette is the culmination of a life-long passion for science, research, travel, and education-based learning (co-founder of Santa Rosa French-American Charter School). With a philosophical belief that bread is the most elemental of foods & its wholesome, natural aromas and tastes are a compliment to everyday meals, special occasions, and celebrations of moments in life.

Najine Shariat, clinical dietitian/nutritionist has a love of life, endless energy. Forever awed at the body and its wonderful chemistry. Traveler, growing up & immersed in French culture, education and cuisine, co-founder of the Santa Rosa French-American Charter School. Her adoration of ice cream, the way she remembers growing up in Paris is why we introduced Goguette Glacée!

Sori Salamati, foodie & taste tester is our best critic and inspires everything we do!

Photo - 2017

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